New: ABI 1

ABI1 - The new outer jacket cutter with spring quick release system


ABI 1 - The new outer jacket cutter with spring quick release system

The product novelty 2020 of Intercable: The ABI 1. Learn more about this innovative product now.

With the new optimally adapted form of this tool, we at Intercable with the ABI 1 aim at a particularly effective working without symptoms of fatigue and a reduced risk of injury when using it.


Versatile adjustment options such as the possibility to work with round, longitudinal and spiral cuts increase the user's fields of application. During the work process, axial pulling in the longitudinal direction allows the tool to be pulled in such a way that it does not tangle with the cable.


With a range of application from 4.5mm to 29mm and the suitability for soft and hard insulation types of cables, the ABI 1 is a versatile companion in daily work. In addition, the cutting depth can be adjusted in steps of 0.1mm to 3mm by means of a rotary knob for particularly precise work.

Get more information about the ABI 1 on our product news page.

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