And the winner is: Intercable!

Winner of the Bending Tool Contest with our new bending tool for medium voltage cables KBW-01!


Competition in the Netherlands

Intercable Tools wins the final of the Bending Tool Contest on behalf of the three major network operators in the Netherlands, Enexis, Stedin, and Alliander!

Intercable is a global player in connection technology and one of the most important manufacturers of tools for power distribution. Innovation, speed, and quality are the core values of the company headquartered in Brunico (South Tyrol, Italy). Since 2018, Intercable Tools has also been growing in the Netherlands with innovative concepts for cable lugs and tools for electrical wholesalers, installers and panel builders. For a long time now, grid operators have been using tools for the processing of medium-voltage cables from Intercable Tools through the cooperation partner Batenburg Energietechniek.

When the network operator Enexis, in collaboration with Stedin and Alliander, launched a competition in 2023 for the development of a bending tool for the increasingly thicker medium voltage cables, there was no hesitation.

In record time, a product idea became a prototype, which was further refined after discussions and tests with users. After the final evaluation at the beginning of June, the award ceremony took place as part of a special networking event for the network operators and their subcontractors on July 1, 2024.

And there, Intercable Tools was the proud winner and received a nice purchasing tender on behalf of Enexis and Stedin. Alliander and various subcontractors were also very interested and can hardly wait for the tool to be available to improve working conditions.

For inquiries from the Netherlands, please contact our partner Intercable Tools B.V. at

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